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Questions in Circe

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Quick notes, more to come for Wednesday…

At the beginning we see Lynch and Stephen exchanging questions and (lo!) clear, direct answers.  This quickly shifts into Bloom posing rhetorical question after rhetorical question to himself.  I think the proximity and sharp contrast between these two sections of questioning does a couple of things for Circe.  First, it gives us an idea of how the episode will be focused on Bloom’s internal dealing with issues via hallucinations, while Stephen’s role will be about his interactions with other people (smashing a chandelier, or getting punched out, for example) or in the case of his hallucinations those will, as sparknotes nicely points out, “emerge out of elements of his day, such as the interview with Deasy.” 

I also took a peek at the second half of the episode, and I think some interesting things happen with power relations and questions.  Bello establishing dominance over Bloom, Bloom’s shifting relationship with the Nymph (he starts to ask more questions as he gains the higher ground), and I think Carr over Stephen.

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