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Motherhood at a Glance

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This chapter makes Bloom’s femininity blatant, actually labeling him a “womanly man” (403.) He admits he secret desire to give birth,  “O, I do so want to be a mother,” he dreams. (403.) Then in this dream he does actually birth 8 sons. What can we make of Bloom’s desire for motherhood and his dream that his gives birth? Does this link in with the desire to birth ideas or is he birthing a nation?

Also the Man in the Macintosh accuses Bloom of actually having the last name of Higgins — his mother’s maiden name. “Don’t you believe a word he say,” the Macintosh Man exclaims, ” That man is Leopold LMIntosh, the notorious fireaiser. His real name is Higgins.” (395.) This speaks claim speaks to the certainty of motherhood versus the unprovable   nature of fatherhood.

Also Bloom gets described as “the white bull mentioned in the Apocalypse.” (401.) In this position he becomes the father of the minotaur.

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