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Others blogging about Ulysses

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Found this site that’s also blogging about Ulysses.  And they are also, get this, TWEETING about Ulysses.


Not quite sure what I think about them.  They’re clearly more loosy-goosy about the text… I do like that they connect the characters to more current stuff… and they’ve got pictures!  and Youtube videos… which is… nice… and sometimes not so nice.  The video of the “gross guy eating” actually wasn’t that gross and added nothing to my knowledge of the book.  However, the picture of the spire Dublin replaced Nelson’s pillar with definitely added something to my knowledge.  I didn’t know that Nelson’s pillar wasn’t there anymore.  And I’m glad they replaced it with something equally phallic.  Anyway… I suggest skimming it.  Well… do what you will with it.

Also, read this post:


It’s lovely.  About a theatrical interpretation of Sirens.  I wish it were possible to see it.

And this woman is reading it on her own, declaring she will read Ulysses in toto between Sept. 1st-Oct. 31st and blog about it. I’m impressed that she’s handling it on her own without a support system.  i could never do Ulysses with a support system.


  1. Thursday, January 28, 2010; 08:48 pm at 8:48 pm

    Thanks for the hat-tip to my blog for the Roger Doyle guestpost. If you check the categories in the rh sidebar, you’ll find there’s a bit more background about the novel itself + on the annual dramatisation of Bloomsday (on 16 June) in Nice, France (in which I participated).

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