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At first glance the usefulness of Ulysses Seen may not be understood. The true benefits only appear after realizing the full detail of the website. Simply put, Ulysses Seen is a comic strip that accompanies the novel Ulysses. This comic strip does not just summarize scenes from the novel, but instead follows the novel closely to the point where the majority of the text from the novel is included in the comics. The creators of the website believe that such a comic strip will help create a better understanding of the novel by “… joining the visual aid of the graphic novel with the explicatory aid of the internet”.
In order to further help readers understand the novel, the creators of Ulysses Seen placed many reading aids on their website in addition to the comic strip. One such aid is a tab labeled “Readers’ Guide” which is located at the top of every comic strip. This tab takes the reader to a page that gives a brief analysis pertaining to the part of the novel depicted in that particular section of the comic strip. While this analysis does not delve too deep, it does work well as a starting point for exploring the text’s inner workings. One useful aspect of the “Reader’s Guide” is that it is presented in a blog format to allow for readers to post comments or questions relating to the material which then either the creators of the website or other readers can respond to.
Additionally, on the home page of the website is a tab called “House of Keys” which contains what can probably best be described as various useful references. For instance, part of “House of Keys” lists all of the characters in the book and gives a brief description of the more important ones, while another part contains information on the musical references in the novel. Overall, it seems that the best use for Ulysses Seen is as a tool for clearing up confusion in the text over such issues as what is happening or who is talking. However, the non-comic strip parts of the website may also prove helpful in stimulating new ways of looking at the different sections of the novel.

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