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Fire in Ivy Day

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I’m wondering about fire as a symbol in Ivy Day. Characters consistently interact with fire and step into and out of its illuminating sphere. The story opens with Jakes single face that is lapsing in and out of darkness. (102) The amount of light in the room impacts the chemistry of the situation. When Jake entirely lights the room with candles suddenly the fire looses ” all its cheerful color.” (104)  I was particularly interested in the manner that fire lights “up a leaf of a dark glossy ivy” in the lapel of Mr. O’Connor’s coat, and the meaning behind the emphasizing the darkness of the stairwell. (103) This second point reminded me of a decent into hell. Also I was interested in the idea of Mr. O’Connor lighting his cigarette with a political business card that he’s supposed to hand out. Cigarette’s seem to play an important role in this entire scene. Mr. O’Connor uses cigarette to divert attention from his thoughts. Instead of answering Jake, O’Connor nervously re-roles he cigarette. Later he takes “out his cigarette paper and pouch” in order to better “hide his emotion.” (117)

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